… there’s a NEW proven way to melt fat, get lean, and sculpt every muscle in your body using only your body weight

YES! I Want To Get Leaner! (Don't Get Left Behind)

Stronger is the most complete strength building and Fat Loss program that will get YOU in the BEST shape of your life! 

It is the SAME program I followed that landed me on the cover of Muscle & Fitness HERS at age 46!

Hi, I’m Natalie Jill and for those of you who don’t know me yet, I am a full time working mom who just turned 46, and I have helped millions of people just like you get happy, healthy, and fit!

Don’t worry, even though I have millions of social media followers, I have the credentials to back things up.

I’m a Licensed Master Sports Nutritionist and a functional fitness trainer.  I’m the  creator of the Bestselling 7 Day Jump Start™ system, that has helped over 100,000+ people just like you get in shape.

With SO many programs and so much information overload available on the market, it can be SO confusing.

That is exactly why I have SIMPLIFIED all of this for you in my new program which is designed for ONE thing…to get you quick and lasting results based on body weight exercises and “CRN”

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What is CRN, you ask?

CRN is Craving Resistant Nutrition and it is KEY for overcoming the reliance on ‘willpower’.

If you aren’t constantly ‘hungry’ or ‘starving’ then you are not forced to rely on willpower to ‘not eat’ when your body is telling you to eat!

Best of all, Craving Resistant Nutrition is based on REAL food, and you don’t need any expensive pills or gimmicks to make it happen.

No weights or machines, no fancy gyms required, NO expensive trainers and NO special supplements or fancy food  required on this program. Only REAL wholesome foods and your own body weight.

Start the Journey to a Leaner You!

What Makes STRONGER Different?

There are 5 Keys to Help You Get LEAN!

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#1: The Formula!

With STRONGER, I have figured out the formula to reverse the aging process with the exercises and nutrition that you will learn throughout this program.

I’m going to show you my TOP moves for creating that defined flat belly without calorie restriction and long drawn out cardio.

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#2: It Is EXTREMELY Time Efficient

With STRONGER, in less than 30 minutes of working out a day, you will learn how to maximize your RESULTS utilizing just your own body weight.

You can do the entire workout in less time than it used to take you to drive to and from the gym!

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#3: Bodyweight Exercises

Throughout the program you will learn to use proper FORM that will help prevent lower back pain while getting you functionally fit.

The workouts will engage ALL muscles and avoids creating muscle imbalances.

You do NOT need expensive trainers, gyms, or heavy weights to CHANGE your body.

I included OVER 30 videos to help you get the most out of the program!

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#4: Fat Loss

The eating plan will get you rapid and lasting results.  Even if you never considered yourself an athlete, you will be using the same formula for SUCCESS that athletes use!

The reasons athletes look the way they do is because of the way they train and how they eat. You will be eating natural, unprocessed foods that will keep you satisfied and help you avoid cravings, while losing fat, and feeling energetic!

The Craving Resistant Nutrition combined with the intense progression training will maximize fat loss and get your body doing things you never thought were possible!

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#5: No More Hunger or Cravings

On this program there are never specific times that you have to eat. You can eat when you are hungry and when it is convenient for YOU. You will eat yummy foods that will leave you feeling satisfied.

Program includes 10 days of meal planning examples (including some yummy recipes) and there is no restrictive measuring or deprivation dieting.

Stronger will teach you a non-restriction based way to eat which involves ADDING more of the right foods so don’t have to focus on calorie restriction, deprivation, and will-power.  No fads, magic pills, or instant fixes here!

Imagine This:

✓ You lose FAT
✓ You gain ENERGY
✓ You gain STRENGTH
✓ Oh and you get STRONGER…and feel empowered!

Are you IN?

Are you ready to do this with me?
Decide you are ready to do this.
Get Stronger with me TODAY!

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What You Get:

✓ In The Best Shape Of Your Life

Total Body Weight and Nutrition Program

122 Unique Body Weight Exercises

Meal Planning Using Only Natural Foods

 NEW - Includes over 30 videos!

 BONUS - Stability Ball Workout

This Program is Simple as it Uses Your Own Body Weight

No Gym Memberships

No Weights or Machines

No Supplements

No Traffic, No Commute...NO Excuses!

Special Offer Includes:

✓ $100 Off Discount Pricing

 BONUS: Decide, Nourish, Move


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This may not be for you if:

✓ You like spending hours in the gym
✓ You have endless money to spend on supplements
✓ You don't believe it is possible
✓  What you are doing is currently working
✓  You are in the best shape of your life
✓  You already wake up with tons of energy